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Ivan I. wrote a review for Cold Stone Creamery
Cold Stone Creamery is always been my favorite place where I can calmly and peacefully satiate my sweet cravings after doing errands in City Centre. Their signature ice creams and cakes are off the charts. My personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection since I am always a fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Other flavors such as Chocolate Devotion and Oreo Overload are a must try too. I definitely recommend this ice cream parlor for the best dessert experience for an affordable price!
Ivan I. wrote a review for Chowking
Chowking is a personal favorite of mine ever since I was still in the Phil. Though, I find their menu much different rather than the usual choices in the Philippines. I always love their Lauriat menu because it has a lot of dishes on one plate - noodles, rice, fried chicken or chicken barbecue, Siomai and Buchi. It's kind of weird though that it's a Chinese Restaurant but they serve Kare-Kare and Bulalo.Those are native Filipino dishes and way off the Chinese menu to be included. I think of it as a blessing to the menu since almost a big percentage of customers eating there are Filipinos, so it's a win-win situation. Delivery service is pretty quick too, always on time and food is still hot.
Ivan I. wrote a review for Xiao Wei Yang Hotpot
A restaurant of hot pot tradition. The ingredients are served with vegetables, squid balls, quail eggs, and different kinds of meat. Guests have a fantastic time cooking their meal and eating it too. The restaurant provides a spacious room for guests who would want an open space. A private room is also provided for guests who would want privacy and some sing-a-long entertainment. Guests can also enjoy a variety of noodles, meat served with various kinds of veggies. Chicken Manchurian and chicken served with mushroom and broccoli are among the guest's favorites.
Ivan I. wrote a review for McDonald's
One of my top most favorite fast food even in the Philippines. This place usually doesn't disappoint, if you want to have a quick burger fix, cheap fries but tasty and a 1AED sundae, make sure to visit this place. The downside of eating at Mcdo is the long lines you have to endure before you can eat, but its definitely worth the wait. Recently, I tried their new Angus burgers and it was pretty decent when it comes to the taste, and it's affordable too!
Ivan I. wrote a review for Five Guys
This burger joint is located just near the Dancing Fountain in Dubai Mall, which you can enjoy a sumptuous meal while watching a great scenery. The first impression of the restaurant - it's ambiance has its American diner feel that you can enjoy the food especially they specialized in burgers, plus the milkshake would be awesome. I ordered their Cheeseburger, Regular fries (five guys style) and Five guys shake without the whipped cream, while my girlfriend ordered the all beef hot dog just because she's not that of a burger fan.

The Five Guys Fries was good, I enjoyed eating it but unfortunately, the Cheeseburger was too greasy. It's like every bite, the oil drips everywhere, like literally dripping into my hands while I was eating. I kind of regret I spent that much on a burger I didn't enjoy. 42AED is kind of expensive for a burger without fries, and I didn't get my money's worth. On the other hand, the milkshake was above average, so that's the good thing about my experience in Five Guys.

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